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Cheap Flight Tickets for the Easter Monday

Easter Monday is the Christian observance and an occasion of holiday in several countries across the world including the UK. The observance is part of Easter period that falls at the post Easter Sunday. The antecedents behind the observance are truly Christian and religious in nature alluding to the fervour of faith. The day of Easter Monday is believed to hold the event in time when, according to Christians, Jesus Christ appeared on planet Earth for the time period of 40 days and blessed his followers by generously granting them the ministry. During this time span, Jesus helped the people by healing them and reiterating the fact to the non-believers that there existed the god between them.

Holidays and Observance on Easter Monday

Easter Monday turns out to be the moment of observance and official holiday in Australia, Egypt (observed like the secular holiday), and almost every area of the Europe, but is not widely celebrated in the United States. There are church services as well as mass services are also observed on the eve of the Easter Monday.

The holiday on Easter Monday is religiously observed in Catholic Circles, while those Christian believers who are from the Eastern Orthodox Church, the occasion is referred to by other titles like the Bright Monday or the Renewal Monday and this is the time of the onset of special occasion – the Bright Week.

The Christian Day is observed differently in the context of the Roman Catholicism, whereby it is regarded as the heyday of the Easter Octave. On this pious day, people from the Christian faith submerge their fellow Christian men in water, which is seen as the means of baptism. Games are also engendered with multi-coloured Easter Eggs.

Book Affordable Flight Deals for the Easter Monday

Travellers who are planning to fly to any international destination of their choice on the Easter Monday, we have readymade travel options to book low-cost flight tickets for Easter Monday. We are offering attractive deals on the flight tickets from the premium air lines. Easter Monday is the perfect time around to travel to the favourite tourist spots either alone or in the company of their family members. There are the special moments around the Easter Monday when you want to travel to your parents place or get the time off from your busy office schedule and attend to the family responses. The cheap flight deals from us come with a great win as well as great discounts.

We are the marketplace offering plenty of low cost flight tickets to almost every international destination on the occasion of Easter Monday. Look around for the amazing Easter Monday flights with superb savings. We have round the clock ground staff to quell the queries of the travellers and give them with the attractive flight deals on international airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions – Easter Monday Flight Deals

Many international airlines are offering cheap flights on the occasion of Easter Monday. And this is the win win situation for the travellers, who are planning to enjoy Easter Monday with the family.
The top class airlines offering budget flights for Easter Monday includes American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and the JetBlue Airways. There are also many more budget airlines offering bespoke flight deals for Easter Monday and the Good Friday. Travellers can shop around and avail for the best options.
Easter Monday is the opportune time to visit international destinations, and the best ones among them are: San Francisco, Paris, New York City, New Orleans, Bristol, Washington DC, London, Cusco, Surrey etc.
The travellers are advised to book flight tickets early to their month of departure to keep the ticket prices really cheap. The beginning of January and first week of February is considered the ideal time to book the flight ticket for the Easter Monday. The more you delay, the expensive your flight ticket will become, and eventually you are going to be in the loss.