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Cheap Flight Tickets for Valentine's Day

Love can be eternal, though lovers only get one day off to glorify their affection with someone special. Valentine's Day is all about love, attachment, feelings, and two flaming souls drugged in-depth in the breeze. Indeed, February is affectionately known worldwide among couples as a season of love, "Valentine's Day". However, the month of love is the shortest, but it's brimmed with a plethora of strong affections and feelings, with lovers preparing to celebrate the festival of love. It is celebrated among all the couples who have found their soulmates, and lovers flourish to relive the passion bond they share. Undoubtedly, Valentine's Day holds exceptional prestige in each-and-every lover's life. After a winter that was gloomy and snowy, the season of love is now underway in which those who are genuinely in love express gratitude to those they love.

Valentine Celebrations - Why is it celebrated?

Valentine's Day, often referred to as Saint Valentine's Day, is celebrated from all corners of the globe on February 14. Although there are many reasons why Valentine's Day is celebrated.

This story dates back to the 3rd century when the Romans converted to Christianity. Claudius II, the Roman emperor, was not Christian and had strict rules regarding Roman Christians. One of these was that they couldn't marry. The emperor believed the Roman soldiers would continue to be loyal to their duty toward Rome. But Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest, was entirely against it. However, the priest began to get help these soldiers wedded in private ceremonies. Afterwards, Saint Valentin was captured and imprisoned, and he fell in love with the jailer's blind daughter. He cured its lover's blindness, and before its execution, he wrote a love letter and signed it as 'from your Valentin. Two hundred years later, the Roman Catholic Church declared this day as Saint Valentine's Day.

Book Cheap flights and Light up Holiday

Valentine's Day is the day of love, an ideal time to let the sparks fly, ditch everything and run off to rekindle the flame. As the saying goes, money can't buy love, but it can indeed give a voice to it. From roses to romantic escapes, several things have an enduring effect on your soulmate and make your partner fall in love with you all over again. However, Valentine's Day is an excellent reason to plan a trip, and the UK offers the most delicate spots for lovers and special events on Valentine’s Day to spice up their love life. Lovers have opportunities to create unforgettable memories with someone special while travelling and appreciate the fascinating landscapes across the UK. Although enchanting city break options are available where lovers can be committed to romance, nothing is more appealing than a candle light dinner on the beachfront. There is no need to get a hole in your pocket to make your valentine's day memorable, and several airlines operate cheap flights to the UK throughout Valentine’s Day.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cheap International Flight Tickets for the Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is in February, one of the most expensive holidays, and visitors from all corners of the globe try to make their valentine's day memorable for their partners. Several airlines surge their airfares during Valentine's Day due to high demand.
If you're planning an international trip with your better half to spark your love and looking for affordable airfares on Valentine's Day, then you must reserve your flights at least three to four months prior to your departing date.
Numerous award-winning airlines operate budget-friendly flight deals on Valentine's Day, such as American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. However, international airlines offer travellers a plethora of great options on international flights to make their travel within budget and hassle-free.
Heathrow airport is the busiest when it comes to boarding the flight at Christmas time. Hundreds of flights take off during the Christmas season from Heathrow International airport located in London.
Valentine's Day amuses everyone and is a special event for couples with lovers preparing to celebrate the festival of love. There's nothing better than planning a trip together on Valentine's Day. The world is brimming with several fascinating destinations to celebrate the season of love, such as Rome, Lisbon, Paris, the USA, the Caribbean, France, Germany, etc.