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Asia is enormous or calls it gigantic landmass that exists from ancient times on the planet Earth. This part of the continent is also large enough to hold on to a massive population size. World’s biggest countries like China and Russia are located in this part of the land. Travellers may often get boggled on knowing that Asia is connected to the subcontinent quite popular as Eurasia. The fascination continues to take a momentous surge and further tickles the mind of the travellers as they learn that the Asian continent has the highest mountainous zone comprising 14 tallest mountains with peaks standing more than 8000 Metres on sea level, and peaks surmounting to as high as whopping as Mount Everest with the record level of 8 848 meters on sea level.

The Asian landmass brings with it unlimited biodiversity, innovation and a well-balanced gene pool. There is a wide range of plants species, sub-species and exclusivity of animal groups and subgroups. Different species of tigers, including the Royal Bengal Tigers, Orangutans, King Cobras and many more. While some parts of the Asian biome has gone through human destruction, the level of diversification is still growing and balanced. Visiting Asia is a boon in disguise for travellers, especially the ones who are the connoisseurs’ delicate and exotic snacks. The variety in street foods and pleasantries offered in Asian markets are sure to give the travellers a bouncy feeling that relishes deep inside the heart, which later continues to elate and melt into the minds. Cheap flights to Asia run on flexible timings and travellers have plenty of choices to make around.

The continent of Asia is quite particular for Buddhist culture and metaphysical development. South and East Asia is the nerve centre of Asia with particular reference to Thailand, which has a 95% strong Buddhist community. The religious belief system is not only restricted to Buddhism only; there are also other prosperous religions like Islam, Hinduism etc. that flows around besmirched in varied cultures and catching up the routine lives. The sight where snacks are sold into the supermarket is common, and such unique foods are complemented by the chips. Servings with fried snacks is yet another way of gaining the interest deep inside into the world admired for greatest amazements.

With 49 countries who are the sitting members of the United Nations, Asia presents an attitude to the travellers and leave them in a unique conundrum, which is fertile and quite engrossed. The exclusive sight of skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower, Lotte World Tower, Taipei 101, Tokyo Skytree, and the Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower seems a vying experience that calls for repeated entrenchment. In an outward tone, Asia is lived in the epicentre where cultures unite and an overwhelming change is made. Exploring Asia for a traveller from Europe or Western World had always been a living fascination, which just not gets over. With regular cheap flights to Asia as well as reported availability of connecting flights to Asia from the UK, travellers have the natural advantage working towards them.

Reasons to Visit Asia

Countries and continents define the regions of the world; give out strong and seminal reasons to the travellers wherein they begin establishing a unique type of syllogism to the interesting places and narrate the story of happenings or incidents to the millions. The reasons to visit Asia cannot be presented in the form of mere listicles, because such reasons are not the odd descriptions. Travellers taking the journey on to the oriental lands always have the fertile imagination to indulge in some kind of vivid action and transport it to other places. Asia offers the action dished out in the inimitable swag.

1: Temple Tourism at Angkor Wat in the Company of Khmer Scholar

The companionship you enjoy in the company of Khmer Scholar will give you the reason for the spiritual tour that will transfer you into the world of homeostasis. The ancient ruins where the complex is located need the explanation and establishing a parallel, possible only when you stroll with Khmer scholars. The rise of sun and winds swerving around the body will create wholeness. Shop for cheap flights to Asia and douse yourself in plenty of reasons to take a temple tour to Angkor Wat.

2: Cruising All Night at Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a fabulous UNESCO-protected cove with a strategic location in the North of Vietnam. The entire bay region is popular for gigantic limestone karsts, several islets, and crystal clear waters. To explore the untouched treasures of Halong Bay, get on the luxury junk boats and set out for sailing in the middle of the night. The idea of soaking in the serene atmosphere and star gazing is a wonderful experience that is enough for your enlightenment.

3: Hot Air Balloon Rides over Temples of Bagan

Bagan presents a kaleidoscopic view of more than 2000 temples, which are the reflectance of the 9th and the 13 centuries. The excitement of flying over these temples and slowly gliding through the thin air in the wee hours of the rising sun and the haze creates a pleasurable delight. It is going to be an incredible experience, which will create true awesomeness. Look out for the cheap flights to Asia and land in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar to get on the hot air balloon.

4: Spotting Komodo Dragons on Cruise in Indonesia

Komodo Dragons are shocking lizards from the Reptiles family and known to be the largest living reptiles that can only be sited at volcanic Indonesian lands. A closer sight of these amazing large creatures is only possible through a boat cruise. Likewise, take a close look into the incredible marine life of the Indonesian archipelago as you set out on the cruise.

Best time for flights to Asia

Flying to Asia has aspired among the travellers who intend of travelling from Europe and the Western world. Asia is open to everyone all the time, but there are best times to travel, and the afternoons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or midnight trips seem economical and quite relaxing. Compare the deals on cheap flights to Asia and gain information on the busiest airports in Asia as this will help in the ease of the movement.


Facts about Asia

Asia is a land of fascinations, uniqueness and sophisticated cultures, delectable food stories, bustling industrial towns, untouched coastal bights and cleansed atmospheres. The continent has a relaxed atmosphere to cause real entrenchment of souls. Asian lands are boggled inside the floccule of facts and conundrums, which often play tricks and disengage travellers from realism. The momentary displacement causes circumlocution in thoughts to seethe out reality around the facts.

Elements Facts Insights
Countries in Asia 49

The Asian continent is populous and comprises 48 countries and indeed the landmass with a high population size. If the whole of Russia is included in Asia the total countries become 49.

Population in Asia Approx. 4.6 Billion

Beyond any reason or doubt, Asia is the biggest and the most populous landmass with the location in the Eastern and the Northern part of the Earth’s hemisphere. The most recent population of Asia is 4,689,925,632, which is approximately 60% of the population of the world.

Largest country in Asia Russia

Russia (if considered as part of Asia) and China are the two largest countries in Asia. The land area of Russia is more than 17 Million square kilometres, while that of China is around 3,746,887 square miles.

Smallest country in Asia Maldives

The Maldives is the smallest island country in Asia with an area spread across 116 square miles. It has a topography nestled between the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea is the smallest country in Asia.

Currencies in Asia Rupee, Rouble, Dollars, Renminbi, etc.

Hong Kong Dollars, Russian Roubles, Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee, and Japanese Yen are the principal currencies that are traded in the Asian continent.

Languages in Asia Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, etc.

There are approximately 2,300 languages spoken in the Asian continent by no less than 4.46 Billion people. The principal languages articulated in Asia are Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesia and Japanese.

Geographical area of Asia Approx. 44.58 Million square km

Asia is regarded as the largest continent and it is diverse too. The continent also covers fourth-fifths of the entire Eurasian landmass. The total geographical area of Asia is 44.58 Million km² while the population size is around 4.6 Billion.

Religion in Asia Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc.

Asia has cultural as well as regional diversity and therefore you can see the growth of several religions. The prominent among these include Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam.

Cheapest country in Asia Vietnam

Vietnam, Pakistan, and Nepal are the too economical countries to visit in Asia. However, Vietnam is the Cheapest.

Most expensive country in Asia Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known to be the most expensive country in Asia, having a huge Price Index settled at 223.

Best places to visit in Asia

Asia is a tranquilised melange of countries with diversified socio-political practices, beliefs in the rituals besides the biodiversity. The diversification is also preeminent from the fact that Asia is among the biggest and populous continents on the planet. Discovering the countries in Asia means you are planning for the adventures of your lifetimes, deep-rooted in the Himalayan belt, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

Busiest Airports in Asia

International tourism activities have grown by leaps and bounds in the last two or more decades, and with this growth, the airports took to innovation. The purpose of this innovation has rendered a beatific experience to travellers. The airports have become a touch of the class as these were created out of innovation and design essence. The airports present an exceptionally true value abounded by professionalism in customer service, on-ground connectivity besides conniving in exceptional comfort and relaxation. In recent times, international airports operating in the Asian continent have overgrown and they speak of undue marvels. The busiest airports in Asia are splurged by the high scale movement of international and domestic carriers.

Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport is listed among the two principal international airports. It serves domestic and international flights on a routine basis. It is the 13th busiest international airport on the basis of cargo traffic, while second on the basis of business traffic. In the year 2012, the airport registered a record number of aircraft take-offs and landings.
Haneda International Airport
Tokyo International Airport is also popular as Haneda International Airport managing the flight operations in the Greater Tokyo Area and is one of the important touch bases of Japan’s domestic airlines - All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. It is the third busiest airport in Delhi and the fourth busiest in the world ranked immediately after the after Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport ( which is the busiest airport in Asia), and Dubai International Airport. The international airport is also the world’s cleanest airport, the world’s best domestic airport and also the world’s best PRM/Accessible facilities for the year 2020.
Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport with a touch base in New Delhi, India is the most advanced international aviation hub of the Indian capital of New Delhi apart from North India. Of late, it has become the 17th busiest airport globally and the 6th busiest airport if ranked in Asia. The airport has handled 70 Million passengers and became the site of hectic activity for the Airbus A320. The Terminal 3 of the airport has the capacity to handle 34 Million passengers recording the 8th biggest passenger terminal.
Incheon International Airport
Incheon International Airport also popular as Seoul–Incheon International Airport) is known to be the biggest airport in South Korea with a touch base located in Seoul Capital Area. This international airport has been recorded as the cleanest and the best airport for international transit and crossing over by Skytrax. Incheon International Airport's terminal comprises a total of 111 boarding gates having the division as 44 gates in Terminal 1, 30 gates in Concourse A (connected to terminal 1), while there are 37 gates in Terminal 2. Incheon International Airport is supplied with a golf course, spa, sequestered sleeping rooms, an ice skating rink, a casino, indoor gardens, video game centre in addition to a holistic Museum of Korean Culture.
Singapore Changi Airport
Presently rated as the best international airport by Skytrax, Singapore Changi Airport, has become the 18th busiest airport on the basis of international passengers and the cargo traffic handled on annual basis. The international airport has been the cleanest airport, having superiority as the international transit airports. The base location of the airport is Changi and managed by the Changi Airport Group while being the home base for Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines Cargo, Scoot, Jetstar Asia Airways and BOC Aviation.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport also known in the unofficial circuits as Bangkok Airport are among the two international airports, which are offering its operational services in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. It has become the low-cost carrier hub but on a similar scale with 8,000 acres, the airport has turned into the largest international airport in Southeast Asia. The airport had also been known to be one of the biggest and 20th busiest Cargo Air Freight Hub. It also has a designated Airport Free Zone, with well-connected road links to East Economic Corridor (EEC).
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is accorded as Malaysia's main international airport and one of the chief airports in Southeast Asia and worldwide. The airport has strategic positioning in the Sepang district of Selangor. The international airport flaunts itself as the 23rd hectic airport on the count of passenger traffic. Besides, the international airport is managed by Malaysia Airports (MAHB) Sepang Sdn Bhd and serves to be the principal hub for Malaysia Airlines, MASkargo, AirAsia, AirAsia X, Malindo Air, flyGlobal, UPS Airlines and many more.
Bandaranaike International Airport
Bandaranaike International Airport or the Colombo International Airport, Colombo-Bandaranaike popular in the local area as Katunayake Airport. This airport along with Ratmalana International Airport is serving several destinations in domestic regions. The international airport now supports the Airbus A380 along with the terminals with 5 levels of car parking along with a flourishing five-star hotel.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Ninoy Aquino International Airport or the Manila International Airport is based in Manila and well connected to travellers located in Manila and the adjacent metropolitan towns. This international airport will start functioning as a prime domestic airport that would address the concerns relating to maintenance, cargo, business flight, as well as general aviation.
Velana International Airport
Velana International Airport (VIA) is the principal international airport located in the Maldives on Hulhulé Island in the North Malé Atoll. The international airport has sophisticated terminals viz-a-viz the International Terminal, the Domestic Terminal beside the wardrobe Seaplane Terminal. The airport also serves as corporate headquarters for Trans Maldivian Airways.
Phnom Penh International Airport
Phnom Penh International Airport is a high business activity and the biggest airport in Cambodia, with a total land area, covered 386.5 hectares. The airport is packed by two terminal buildings, of which one looks at international while another terminal carries domestic operations. In the recent phase of expansion, the international airport has come up with several immigration counters, innovative parking lots, restaurants, as well as food and beverage outlets.
Soekarno–Hatta International Airport
Soekarno–Hatta International Airport and formerly legally known as the Jakarta Cengkareng Airport is the key airport that serves the Jakarta metropolitan area on the island of Java in Indonesia. In the year 2018, the airport had transferred approximately 66.9 Million passengers making the name the 18th busiest airport by Airports Council International. The international airport is regarded as the busiest in Southeast Asia. The international airport is serving domestic charter, private flights, VIP besides the domestic and international cargo requirements.

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Airlines operating flights to Asia

Global tourism has received a phenomenal boost ever since the airlines connected to international consumers. The huge continent of Asia is served by popular international airlines, which offer cheap flights to A It is a known fact that the airlines in the present scenario have become brand carriers and consistently inspiring travellers to not only have the experience of incredible air journeys but revel in the experiences that are superimposed on real-life themes and the ideas. Basically, the comfort of being in the air and travelling to the world is uniquely out of blues. The top international airlines flying to and from different countries in Asia, showcasing sophistication and balance between the customer service and inflight amenities.

Cathay Pacific

The airline has an impressive 3-Star rating, analysed in terms of item evaluating incorporates seats, conveniences, food and refreshments, IFE, tidiness and so forth, and administration rating is for both lodge staff and ground staff. The airline is known as the largest carrier of Belgium, based and settled at Brussels Airport. It works for more than 100 travel destinations in Europe, North America, and Africa.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is an international airline of Singapore with the operating centres at Singapore Changi Airport. The airline has been ranked among the elite airlines by Skytrax four times in a row, as well as outdid the Travel and Leisure rankings for over 20 years. It operates cheap flights to Asia from UK. The airline has amazing customer service known for Airbus A380. The airline also has an exclusive fleet of Boeing 787-10 as well as ultra-long-range options as in Airbus A350-900. Singapore Airlines is attributed to holding the second and fourth positions being the World's Best Airlines and World's Cleanest Airlines respectively.


Deutsche Lufthansa AG, truncated to Lufthansa, is the major German airline operating through its subsidiaries, is settled as the second-largest airline in Europe carrying the passengers to destinations worldwide. This German borne airline has a fleet of Airbus A340-300s, Airbus A320, Boeing 747-8, Boeing 787-9 plus a strong fleet of 20 Airbus A350-900 respectively. Lufthansa is also the first European airline for receiving the Skytrax 5 star certification.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. popular as JAL (Jaru) or Nikkō is Japan’s state-owned international airline located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with operational hubs in the strategic Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Osaka's Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport respectively. The airline is operating both the scheduled as well as the non-scheduled international and domestic passenger and cargo services in more than 220 destinations across the 35 countries, which also includes the codeshares. Japan Airlines has a strong fleet of 279 aircraft. The year 2002 has seen the merging of Japan Airlines with the Japan Air System.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the official international carrier of Malaysia and one of the key members of the Oneworld airline alliance. The airline is situated at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It operates two subsidiaries –Firefly and MASwings. The airline is operating commercial as well as cargo services (through its sister company MASkargo) to and from different countries of the world.


The international airlines under the supervision of the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai are headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai. The airline is a subsidiary of the “The Emirates Group.” Emirates is flying more than 3500 flights each week from the operational hub located at Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport. The airline is proud to serve over 150 cities across more than 75 nations and touching 6 continents. Emirates has approximately 300 aircraft. The cargo services are undertaken by Emirates SkyCargo.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C. trading under the name Qatar Airways is operated by the State of Qatar. The international airline is serving more than 150 destinations across the Oceania, Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Qatar Airways is managing over 200 strong fleets of aircraft and is an active member of the Oneworld alliance.

Etihad Airways

Stationed at Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, adjacent to Abu Dhabi International Airport, the Airways is second in the league of the national air carrier of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways falls in the line as the second-biggest airline in the UAE immediately after the Emirates. Etihad Cargo is operating as many as six Boeing B777Fs, while previously the flight operations comprised Boeing 747-400F and Boeing 747-8F. The brand new operational hub of Etihad Cargo can manage over 500,000 tonnes on the annual basis.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, operational as THAI is the official airline of Thailand with its corporate office located in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok. This international airline is operating from Suvarnabhumi Airport having the secondary operational hub at Phuket International Airport. The airways is flying over 101 spots across 37 countries and backed by 36 wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing.

Air France

Air France bearing as AIRFRANCE, is the national carrier of France with an office located in Tremblay-en-France. The airline is a sister concern of the Air France–KLM Group and one of the principal members of none other than SkyTeam global airline alliance. It is regularly scheduling passenger as well as cargo operations to as many as 175 global destinations crossing over 78 countries and 93 countries if the registered overseas bases are also included.

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is the prestigious low-cost carrier located in the region of Kurtköy of Pendik, Istanbul having touch bases in various Turkish airports. The airline is currently operating with Airbus A320s, Boeing 737-400s and still more to come across the way. Of late, it has become the premium Turkish carrier to include the Boeing 737 Next Generation under its garb. The airline started its operation as the tour chartered airline.

Air India

Air India is the national airline of India, based in New Delhi, with ownership under the aegis of Air India Limited, which is a completely government-owned enterprise. Air India is operating a mixed fleet comprising Airbus and Boeing, which is serving over 100 destinations from the domestic and the international fronts. The international airline is operating flights to Asia and domestic tourist spots through Alliance Air as well as the Air India Express. There are cheap flights to Asia operated under the supervision of Air India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Flights to Asia

May is ideal and quite economical to make a trip to Asia! Besides being economical, the weather conditions too will make the trip favourable. Check out the cheap flights to Asia. There are regular Asian flights available on low economies.
On average, the daily flights flying to Asia from Heathrow are 1,300 and up. An annual number of passengers travelling is averaged 70 to 79 Million, although the actual figures are likely to vary. Look out for the deals on cheap flights to Asia.
Travel to Asia is open to British and US tourists, although many countries in Asia have still put themselves in the government “Red List”. In totality, there are still travel restrictions with rigid quarantine and testing procedures at a place in airport terminals.
Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways etc. are a few of the budget airlines that continue to connect between the UK and Asia. However, depending on the season and the prevailing conditions, the flight prices may likely rise up or even fall. You need to check the website of the respective airlines.
If seen on average, the airline’s tickets for travelling to Asia should be booked at least three months in advance. You are likely to get cheap flight tickets to Asia. Moreover, if you book early, Asian flights also come with welcome offers.

Discover continents other than Asia

The continent of Asia is sophistication and multiplicity of cultures. It is the threshold of new ways of tourism, which also includes yoga tours, spiritual tours, therapy tours and many more. Countries in the Asian continent have grown economically as much as they have explored new avenues of tourism for domestic and international travellers. Asia is where a symphony between the cultures and rituals is viewed on wide-ranging scales. A similar, if not the same kind of symphony is seen happening in other continents too.